Bulk Property Upload via CSV File

CSV File Size Limit: 32MB

Header Row
  • The header row is required.
  • The first cell of the header row is the UIDs header and is required. Examples of UIDs headers: "UID", "Unique ID".
  • The remaining cells in the header row are treated as Property names.
  • At least one Property name is required.
  • All properties must have a Property name in the header row.
  • Examples of Property names are: "Country", "SKU#","Date".
  • Property names cannot be longer than 255 characters.
UID Column
  • The leftmost column contains the UIDs for which you want to set properties.
Property Columns
  • All columns to the right of the UID column are Property Columns.
  • A Property Column cannot have missing values.
  • Property values cannot be longer than 255 characters.
Special characters, symbols, etc
  • Property names and values must be UTF-8 encoded.
  • Excel doesn’t handle UTF-8 encodings correctly when saving as CSV.  We suggest using Google Sheets and select 'Download as CSV’ from the File menu.
  • Leading and trailing spaces are ignored.
Sample CSV

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