API deprecation notice

Changes to GET triggers API
We are deprecating the v2 version of the GET triggers API that allows you to retrieve a list of triggers in a project. You will need to modify your application to move to the v2.1 version of the API.

The v2 version API end-point that is getting deprecated:

To support you in getting similar functionality, we have a v2.1 version API end-point.

The documentation for the new API is available at https://developers.hp.com/link-api/v2/lpp-rest-api-v2You will see the API documentation under the "triggers" section.

We will stop supporting the v2 version of this API on August 26, 2019. Please make plans for migrating to the 2.1 version by this date.
Please note that this deprecation notice is only for the v2 GET triggers API. Other v2 APIs in Link are unaffected by this.

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