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  1. (Completed) Scheduled System Maintenance: 12 March 2020

  2. (Completed) Scheduled System Maintenance: 18 January 2020

  3. (Completed) Scheduled System Maintenance: 20 April 2020

  4. (Completed) Scheduled System Maintenance: 25 January 2020

  5. (Completed) Scheduled System Maintenance: 28 May 2020

  6. (Completed)Scheduled System Maintenance (October 14, 2019)

  7. (Completed)Scheduled System Maintenance: 01 June 2020

  8. (Completed)Scheduled System Maintenance: February 12, 2019

  9. (Completed)Scheduled System Maintenance: November 12, 2019

  10. API deprecation notice

  11. Bulk Property Upload via CSV File

  12. Can I make changes to a mobile experience of a Link I previously created?

  13. Can I save a Link and make changes to it later?

  14. Can the information in a digital watermark be modified or updated?

  15. Do I need to be a programmer to use Link Creation Studio?

  16. Do I need to have all the information for the Link when I create it?

  17. How do I change my password?

  18. How do I delete a Link I have already created?

  19. How do I delete a Link?

  20. How do I edit a Link I have already created?

  21. How do I launch the LinkReader mobile app from within another mobile app?

  22. How do previous versions of the LinkReaderSDK handle unsupported payoffs?

  23. How does Link work?

  24. How is a digital watermark read?

  25. If I delete a Link, will it still count toward my total Link quota?

  26. Interactive Showcase

  27. Is there more than one kind of digital watermark?

  28. Is there more than one kind of Link experience?

  29. Link is moving out of Beta with new Pricing Plans

  30. Link vs Reveal

  31. My watermark limit has been reached. What should I do?

  32. MyLinks 'Filter by' feature

  33. NEW: Response for hi-volume tickets

  34. NEW: Response for low-volume tickets, upgrade/quota requests, obvious low-volume customers

  35. Request Link Renewal

  36. Signing in with HPID

  37. Troubleshooting HPID

  38. What do I need to create a Link?

  39. What does a Link status of "active" mean?

  40. What happens when a Link reaches its expiration date?

  41. What is a digital watermark?

  42. What is a QR Code?

  43. What is a rich mobile experience?

  44. What is a short URL?

  45. What is a simple mobile experience?

  46. What is Link?

  47. What is the Link Creation Studio?

  48. What is watermark strength?

  49. What is ‘LinkReader’?

  50. What kind of information can a digital watermark contain?

  51. Why use digital watermarking?

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